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Zuma's Revenge

Control: left mouse button




«Zuma's Revenge» is favorite game since childhood game that is readily available. 60 levels are waiting for you to pass them and defeat all the evil bosses.

In the center of the playing field is a frog and she is surrounded by intricate paths where bubble chains move. Goal of the game is with the help of a frog shots clear all bubbles from the track and not allow chains to roll into the sinister holes of the skull.

How to play

Aim the group of same color bubbles as the bubbles in the mouth of the frog. Groups with more than three same color bubbles disappear. Use bonuses:
  • «Bomb» destroy all the bubbles around;
  • «Slowdown» slows down the movement of bubbles for a while;
  • «Accuracy» directs the sight and adds speed for better shot;
  • «Tri-Shot» ignites 3 bubbles that destroy everything in their path;
  • «Rewind» changes the direction of bubbles movement.

Helpful tips

  • It is better to aim for the combination which is closer to the skull.
  • Be careful, the bubbles are moving and the shot cannot get on the ball where you were aiming. Place your sight a little further along the line of moving bubbles.
  • If the track is built in front of a frog in several rows, the shot gets only the closest row if only the first row is not empty.
  • Keep the bubbles in the chain, you’ll find among them you'll find bonuses.
  • Fill the Zuma column to stop the bubbles.

Excellent graphics, familiar music, spectacular effects and increasingly complex levels will return you to the atmosphere and allow enjoying the game Zuma!


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