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Bubble Glee

Control: just clicking the left mouse button




Games where you need to remove bubbles from the field are classic examples of online puzzles. Bubble Glee combines the best characteristics of these games. Of course, delicious graphics and appropriate musical accompaniment should be noted, but the main feature of this game is the ability to collect one-color elements for particular time and without time limit.

How to play

As it was mentioned above, the game has two levels:

Classic - to remove all bubbles from the field. Move color bubbles together creating a line of them. The same-color line consisting of three or more bubbles disappear from the field. The main task of the player is to score as many points as possible. The more bubbles you remove, the more points you earn. Try to do the shots accurately, because for every miss shoot you lose certain number of points. There is no time limit, but at the top of the game field there is a timer which fix the minutes for every level you passed.

Time limit - to complete the task you have a certain amount of time. The point of the game remains the same: you should collect one-color elements in a line. But the tasks are much different from each other. For example, you have 4 minutes to collect the 160 bubbles and so on. Each level the tasks become more difficult and time is less.

The game Bubble Glee is suitable for those players who want to improve their skills in such games.


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