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Control: move cubes with a computer mouse, click on the cube and then to the place where you want it to move.




"Cubes" gam is very similar to the well-known game "Color Lines", but instead of balls it has cubes. The game is still interesting, it is necessary to do different figures: square, rectangle, etc. instead of combinations.

The playing field is not marked up. When you rearrange a cube, the black dots appear and show how to put a cube. If you move a cube additional cubes appear. At the site where a cube should appear youll see glows the color the same as a cube. As soon as you earn points and make combination, you will move on to other levels. The higher level, the more colors are added to the field, so you must act quickly. The cube cannot be moved to the place occupied by another cube.

Right on the display you can see the game score and the current level. The game runs at a time, it can be seen at the bottom - a green strip. When you make a combination the time is added the strip is extended. You lose when the field is full and time runs out. There are bonuses - balls hurricanes, when they appear on the field press it and then press all other balls very quickly and they will disappear from the field. Good luck, be careful!


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