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Bubble World

Control: play Bubble World clicking the left mouse button




The game Bubble World has thought out storyline and beautifully drawn graphics. This time your task is to find the path to a portal through many locations. To move from one to another, you need to find a certain amount of diamonds hidden among other stones. To get to them, you need to remove other gems. You can do it using a gun that shoots single charges.

The game "Bubble World" is able to appeal to gamers of any age and sex with its bright graphics, interesting logic tasks and endless levels. Precious stones and the magic lamp of Aladdin replace habitual bubbles and a gun here. Unobtrusive Oriental music helps to immerse in the game and enjoy the process.

A multitude of levels with the passage to the stars, the opening of new locations and the achievement of high scores will be able to carry on even the fidget. The goal of each round is complicated and for passage, you need to release a certain amount of diamonds for a limited number of moves.


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