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Puzzle balls

Control: move balls with a computer mouse, click on the ball and then to the place where you want it to move.Under the question mark you can see the detailed instructions, as well as illustrations of figures that can be arranged to get more points.




The game "Puzzle Balls" is not like the series of classic game "Lines", although some of the basic elements borrowed from there. The first is to make combination of identical balls, and secondly, to free the playing field.

At the beginning of the game youll see a field with dimension of 9x9 and a few balls of the same color. To make the combination of the balls you do not need to build a vertical or horizontal line, you need to build a square, a rectangle or other square figures from the same-colored balls. In the left corner of display there is a circle. When it becomes completely pink, it means you've built enough of figures and can move on to the next level. The following shows the number of figures that you built. Then you can see a score of the game or points.

During the game on the playing field the outlines of the balls will appear in different colors. This means that next a ball will appear there. You do not need to free cells. If everything is you still can move ball from one place to another, ie, without moves up, left, right and down. A new color will be added with each new level. Forward to the victory!


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