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Treasure Puzzle

Control: hold down the left button of the mouse, move the lines vertically and horizontally.




Time erases the memory and the limits of ancient civilizations, filling up roads and cities with layers of the new epoch. To get the lost priceless artifacts in the game Treasure Puzzle, become famous archaeologist and get a lot of money work to recover fragments of the ancient map. It is covered with caked mud that hides hieroglyphs of text from you. The hieroglyphs move forming groups and the lines! Some combinations of identical icons help you to work removing dirt from the ancient papyrus. In some cases you have to build three icons in a line, in others 4, 5 or more. The stronger fossil on a map the more hieroglyphs you need in the group or line, so they did their job. Green balls, white crosses of Isis, pink rings, scarabs... A magic hides in their movements. Each cleaned piece of the map is your examined area of ​​the country with valuable findings. From fragments found in the game Treasure Puzzle gold statues are collected. The large groups of identical hieroglyph collect bonus chips that are going to help in a difficult situation, just press the cursor on them. Complete the game to the end trying to perform a task till the end of the level, open the entire map and find the main sanctuary!


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