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Control: move fruits with a computer mouse, click on the fruit and then to the place where you want it to move. The game has no breaks.




Japanese game "Fruits" is an analogue of the popular game "Lines". Therefore, the rules and principles of the game are the same, but there are some changes. The dimension of the field is 9x9 and you can see a few fruits and vegetables there. It is necessary to collect a combination of 5 or more same fruits and vegetables 5 and then they will disappear and free cells. Thus when you move a vegetable from one cell to another, 3 new vegetables appear. At the right top of display lights a score for the game, as well as the following 3 fruits or vegetables. When you run out of free cells, you lose the game. Fruits can be moved only left, right, up and down. The combinations are arranged vertically and horizontally. If the passage is closed, you cannot jump from one cell to another.


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