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Syrup Factory

Control: move columns and rows up and down and side to side holding them with the left mouse button. Collect lines (straight or at right angle) of the same (3 or more) fruit.




Delicious, ripe, bright fruit and berries are begged to your mouth. But it is too many to eat at once. Cook syrup from the fruits not to lose a vitamin production! Collect in game Syrup Factory berry or fruit lines and groups of one type.

Use your brains, move your hands! Do you see the glass scale on the right? When the conveyor operates, it is filled. If it is frozen the syrup is reduced in volume. This is the level of filling of original packaging. As long as you stand in meditations fruits may get out of order and buyers buy up all the syrup.

The more berry-fruit cells you gather in one group the more you’ll get for your work. The more automatic fees take place after your move the higher bonus you receive. Especially valuable is a bomb that can be collected with a cell of the same color and it will blow up all the adjacent position. Fruit mix is the maximum bonus. Speed is another bonus to the salary.

Stoppage is bad for everything: fruit stick together and stop moving. The way out is to blow up, fit close to the bomb or to collect a combination of the same fruit including sticking one.


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