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Tetris Bubbles

Control: "Right and left arrow key" - the movement in the fall. "Down arrow key" accelerates the fall, "up arrow key" reverses the balls in flying strip.




Hold out as long as possible cleaning field from falling vertical strips to the bottom. They can be moved left and right clearing a space for maneuver. The strips always consist of only three balls, but all of them are colored and removed by the principle of "three in a line." Put together three or more identical balls and they'll disappear. Strips of more than five balls give interesting bonuses. You can do "corners" with the total angular ball.

Turn the strips horizontally impossible. The attempt to use the usual function of turn-over changes the position of the balls in the strip. This will help to cope with the challenge! But remember that touching the floor or balls on it, the strip attaches and it cannot be moved.

Levels in the game, as in a standard "Tetris" only added a speed of falling shapes. The game ends when the slide with no sorted out balls reach the upper edge of the well. You can boast of records in social networks.


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