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Treasures of Aladdin

Control: left mouse button




«Treasures of Aladdin» is an unusual puzzle where you need to find a combination of same-color gems.

How to play

In the corners of the triangular cells there are stones. It is necessary to turn the jewelry so as to have the same color stones in corners of single cell. After that the stones disappear and the cell becomes gold. To pass to the next level, turn all the cells of playing field in a gold one. Do not forget about the timer; it will help to track the remaining time.

Game tips

  • You are awarded bonuses during the game. «Shuffle» - use this bonus to shuffle all the jewels on the field. The bonus will be available after a certain time. «Bomb» - blow up all the stones with this bonus. The bonus is available after several combos. «Lightning» - blow up three triangles on the field. The more combos you collect the faster bonus you will get.
  • Combo is made when several consecutive triangles are painted in gold color.
  • You can rotate the triangle stones for unlimited number of times.
  • If you think that combination is no longer possible to make use bonuses. With each level the field changes a shape making a difficult game.

Eastern music, rich and bright design and interesting levels will not let you break away from this game. Mash up your brain with this wonderful puzzle game!


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