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Control: moves of a mouse - sight, left click - start.




These funny crumbs look like a fluffy pompon from a child's cap but with eyes. They clap eyelashes, pretending hilarious faces and as if asking: "Let us out, help"! The place where color kids are kept looks like a dry well. On top a stone cover is hung on a chain, but it is kept not by a chain, but a dense mass of exploding upward pompons balls.

In the online game Woobies we are going to rescue the same-colored fellow balls. They locked in a group of more than three units, get magical powers and are teleported out of the pit. But the weight of heavy plates couldn’t keep a lot of small kids, the stove lowered each time lower and lower. Hurry to teleport all balls until one of them "grounded" the rest of the company, touches with ground disempower them and you lose the game.

If you made a mistake with the direction of the rescue fluffy and he touched another color, than the rescuer remains trapped. In the most difficult situations black fluffy-bombs can help you. They have a lot of energy and take away all surrounding balls with different colors. They can be inside the trap and then you’d better shoot them any fluffy ball.

Game Woobies is one of the most interesting and original game of shooter balls genre.


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