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Control: play Poppit game clicking the left mouse button




Imagine that you were in an amusement park with a lot of attractions. But the main attraction of the evening is shooting range. Each visitor can exercise in the art of shooting aiming at the bubbles. The visit of shooting is an attractive offer, because its owner Mr. Cactus hides gifts in some spheres. Thus, the visitor is given the opportunity to test not only his accuracy but also luck. Let's learn how to play the game Poppit, the features of management and other details useful for player.

How to play

The playing field in the game Poppit is an extemporaneous shooting range: mini-scene where the bubbles that are designed for the game located backstage. Some of these bubbles contain presents: soft toys, souvenirs, etc. They are located in different places: some are in the top of the game field, while others are in the middle or at the bottom. To get the prize you need to deliver it to the bottom, but it can be done only under the condition if you burst all the bubbles that are in front of a gift. Bubbles burst for color: if there is a line consisting of yellow or any other colors in the field (the main thing they should correspond to each other), simply click on any bubble.

How to win?

  • During the game, when the appropriate combinations become less, the bubbles "stick" to each other. Thus, it becomes easier to win;
  • The game has three levels. You can start a new level before successful passage of previous levels;
  • To win it is not necessary to burst all the bubbles: it is enough to pull down all the prizes.

Enjoy shooting range "online" using the "Poppit" game!


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