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Birds Town

Control: Move your mouse and a slingshot moves along the bottom of the game window. Click the mouse to shoot. To change the shell to the next, press the space bar.




Any self-respecting boy has a slingshot. It is not obligatory for shooting at sparrows and tits, perhaps just for accuracy exercising. But in the game Birds Town you still have to shoot the birds. Not by stones but by similar in color birds. What for? Not to allow all colored company get into the cage fashioned by a hungry cat. He built a trail of bread crumbs and birds crumbs in an enchanted chain getting closer and closer to the trap ... Do not wait, shoot! Aim green birds in green, red - red, well, you understand. And do not forget to catch the bonus balls, they will help further in the game. When the slingshot charged by a colored bird ball and the column is not the right color than change a "shell" for the next, maybe you are lucky and a suitable ball will appear? With each level the birds hungrier and therefore they faster run to the cage. The cat did not eat too; therefore he builds tracks smarter to prevent you aim. Who will win?


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