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Jungle Shooter

Control: Aim with the movements of mouse, shoot or activate bonuses with the left click of the mouse (by pressing the corresponding button with an icon of the animal).




In prehistoric times when the climate on the planet was warm and humid, fruits and berries ripened very quickly. Primitive people eat fruits knocking them off the branches by sticks, stones or the same fruit. In game Jungle Shooter a boy and a girl from a small village went to the harvest but not for themselves. They want to gather up more tasty fruit balls to tame some animals. These animals are not simple. In gratitude for the friendship and good feeding they help children to gather fruit. And can even scare scary bat, which is rumored, is powered not only by fruit ... The game speeds up the pace, new fruit of a different color appear. Not to fill up the children with fruit, shoot the same color balls in the fruit group or ask for help from the friendly animals and they activate your bonus. Animals (and bonuses) can grow but to do so they need to eat well. For this reason you have to collect more fruit!


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