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Furry Dancers

Control: Click the left button of the neighboring fluffies to rearrange and collect a vertical or horizontal line of three or more same-colored balls. Click the colors on the DJ and then on the black thorn or fluffy, which prevent further drawing of lines.




In a magical land inhabited by Fluffy disaster struck. The kids are so friendly and so love to party but spitfire-thorns found up among them and cause a quarrel among them. And bright colors disappear together with the joy of Oz. Hurry to the rescue and together with popular DJ make friends to dance and have fun again! Collect them in a straight line of three or more furry bubbles, their friendship will return colors to the world and magic land will reveal you its secrets. Step by step, level by level reach a lair in an old hill where spitfire-thorns appear. But with each level they will be more and more. They do not want to dance, do not want to be friends with any of the colored balls. To make spitfire-thorns again good you just have to recolor them. Then they would dance and you'll be able to collect lines with their participation. Colors are in magical balls over DJ, touching them gives you a brush with refill ink. Save! If at least one bubble of color won’t be complete until the end of the game you’ll have to replay from the beginning.


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