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Marbles Myth

Control: play Marbles Myth game clicking the left mouse button




You can find a lot of games in the internet, the principle of which is to remove all bubbles from the field. To do this, compare the elements of the same color in single lines. After proper connection the same-colored bubbles disappear. Game «Marlbes Myth» is designed on this principle. Let's take a closer look what is the point of the game and what its rules. Description of the game

How to play

A playing field with a coin in the center arises before the player. Color bubbles are fixed to it that you have to remove. At the top there is an arrow that shoots bubbles every time a different color.

The player's task is to aim the line consisting of three or more same-colored bubbles suitable for shade. In other words, a line of green bubbles must be shooted by green bubble, then the bubbles will disappear.

Secrets to win

To complete all levels of the game «Marlbes Myth» is not as difficult as it seems, it is enough to know the following nuances:

  • After shooting, the coin with bubbles still rotating for a while. It is necessary to wait until it stops rotating; it will be easier to make the sight;
  • Sometimes a "gun" shoots universal balls that are appropriate to each bubble;
  • The game has no time limits, so hurry is not the best strategy to win;
  • The more balls you manage to shoot at once, the more points you get.

Practice, invent your own strategies and you will easy solve puzzles games «Marlbes Myth»!


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