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Bubble Shooter Deluxe

Control: left mouse button




«Bubble Shooter Deluxe» is a classical shooting game in the new format. The goal is very simple - not let the wall of bubbles to cross the line.

How to play

The upper part of the field is filled with bubbles of different colors. It is necessary to shoot them down aiming at the group of the same color as your "weapon". The catapult will automatically change the color of the bubbles.

Tips for winning

  • Eventually the bubbles fall down which only adds complexity to the game. Be careful!
  • The playing field is very broad and it is almost impossible to shoot the most extreme side bubbles. But if you shoot those bubbles that kept other chains they will disappear. This principle you need guide clearing the left and right flanks.

Simple rules, bubbles suspiciously similar to candies which you want to eat, as well as the background of the night sky make the game a truly luxurious for true fans of classic shooters on balls.


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