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Star Bubbles

Control: left mouse button




«Star Bubbles» is a modern modification of the bubble game. In the top of the field there is a wall with color bubbles where you have to shoot from a catapult located at the bottom.

How to play

The catapult is automatically added to the bubble. Select a goal - bubbles of the same color and shoot. If a bubble from a catapult and bubbles in the wall form groups of 3 or more same-colored bubbles they disappear. The goal is to get rid of all star bubbles.

Game Tips

  • If you delete a line of bubbles which kept other bubbles, they also fall down having lost the support of colleagues.
  • Try to aim accurately! Even if there is not right color bubbles on the field, shoot a bubble in any part of the field and continue shooting at aims.

In this version of the game bubbles from the top constantly move down though very slowly. This will prevent a player to forget about the limited amount of time and will add a new drive in the familiar game.

A pleasant space background with the night sky, stars and the large bright bubbles with painted stars will dive the player in a magical atmosphere of galactic travel.


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