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Dino Bubble

Control: left mouse button




«Dino Bubble» is arcade game that must be finished. The beginning is intriguing: dinosaur loves a princess, but the evil Shah hides her in a tower and declares war to dinosaur. To snatch the princess from the clutches of the nasty old men, the dinosaur would have to make a journey through the mountains and forests, to join the battle with the soldiers and meet a lot of difficulties on the way.

Level passage is very similar to the original bubble shooting. Dinosaur stuffed gun with colored cores and shoots the same wall of cores ahead of him. Among the bubbles bonuse , extra levels and aggressive soldiers are hidden. To pass the level it is enough to dial a certain number of points. With each level the game becomes more and more fascinating, the plot exciting and enemies meaner and more numerous.

When shooting a group of more than 3 bubbles of the same color they disappear. Disappear and The bubbles that were holding the chain the same color nuclei also disappear.

The game is drawn in a cartoon style. Particularly pleasant the kinetics of the characters and their replicas of course - a brave dinosaur ready to do anything for his beloved.

Save the princess and put the record points passing all the levels in the game!


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