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Air balloons

Control: Wait until the lights indicate the gun in the direction of one of the strings and click the left button of the mouse.




How to catch a balloon high in the sky? How to do it carefully without breaking it, because you only have a harpoon gun instead of a spear on the end? The thin cover of the balloon is too tender for the steel arm flying at high speed, it will break the balloon. The only chance is to aim at the strings and hope that arm will grab them. What a bad luck! The sight is jammed; the gun began to move back and forth without control. Although ... "Start" button is still obeys your commands. We'll have to rely on luck and shoot without a precise aim. If it turns out the whole balloon will be given to a satisfied customer and he will reward you for accuracy. The more balloons you catch in a row the more points you get. But each burst balloon takes one of the five gaming life. Over time flying balloons will be added to the fixed ones. Some can be caught, they carry you extra lives or points and some on the contrary - better not to touch. Try to understand, there is no timer.


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